Sad times

Our property goes behind us a good ways.  From the front corner to the back, following the fence line, is a mile.  In the back quadrant we have a section for some sheep.  The only way to see those sheep is to go to the back.  There is nothing back there but pasture land, we corner with two neighbors who have vaqueros who check their herds about once a week.  Nice gentlemen.

Well, last Sunday as Jon was doing his fence patrol, he discovered that someone had stolen the battery to our solar charging unit for our fence.

batttery 1

At first Jon thought someone just vandalized it – cut the wires and threw the battery into the field.  He went looking, but no battery.  These things are expensive, so someone who knew it was there must have felt they needed it more than the sheep.

Jon spent this Sunday, attaching a new battery, and now the sheep are where they are suppose to be.  Whoever did it  did not need the sheep, just the battery.

battery 2

4 thoughts on “Sad times

  1. Norma says:

    Well if all else fails a security camera to catch the thief will have to do. Or some kind of alarm. Yes batteries of that type are expensive! and you are living in a third world country. I hope that will be the end of it.


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