The Farm


The cornerstone of the farm, our olive orchard covers 20 hectares with more than 5,000 trees. When we purchased the farm in 2012 the young trees were overgrown with weeds and nearly abandoned. With considerable investment and hard work we have reclaimed the young orchard, with annual olive harvest starting in March and lasting about … Continue reading Olives

Criolla sheep

After much trial and error, our wonderful flock of Criolla sheep has settled at a core of about 25 ewes, 3 rams, and 3 whethers. The Criolla is a wonderful breed with fabulous, multi-colored wool and diverse staple characteristics. Criolla is the name of the ‘local’ breed of sheep here in Uruguay. Sheep in Uruguay are … Continue reading Criolla sheep

Iberian Pigs

Large bodied, calm tempered, and lop-eared, Iberian pigs are a heritage breed that thrives on pasture. Their varied coloring and large ears, they  are well adapted to deal with the summer sun.  Originating from the Iberian Peninsula, the breed is known for their foraging abilities and have strong maternal qualities. Our sounder started out in … Continue reading Iberian Pigs


Our farm is home to chickens, geese, and ducks, each with their own purpose and charm. Our Chicken flock is in pride of place, with a large 30m x 15m yard in the middle of the garden, complete with their own tall, well-built building to roost and nest in. Predominantly of Orpington stock, we raise … Continue reading Fowl

The Garden

The farm garden is definitely a work in progress. A tasty, dirty, beautiful, frustrating, work in progress. We have planted over 80 fruit trees: apple, pear, plum, apricot, and almond. We have found, through some trial and error, that peach and nectarine trees do not do well in our soil. Fruit trees won’t begin to bear … Continue reading The Garden