Front Trench almost Complete

Since we have had dry weather, it has made the ground perfect for the heavy equipment to be in the front pasture.  The machine has broken more times than we want to discuss, and we have had three different operators too.  So while there are a few “tweaks” we would have liked to be done, the trench is finished for now.  (The machine is at it’s home and is once again broken.)

Jon and cano

This is in our front pasture across from the white house, we call it the triangle pasture because of it’s shape.  We now have a road to get the pick up to this part of the property, and a small pond for the animals where there was only a soggy bog and stream.

front cano

It is fed by a spring further along the cannel, so even though there has been no rain, this is filling with water.  Now the water is in one place instead of spread out making a squishy mess.

ducks and cano

If you look carefully, you can see the ducks in the cannel.  They love this new swimming hole and have left the geese in the eucalyptus grove and hang our here all day.

It’s not quite done. There are four things left to tweak. But let’s not discuss that. Just admire the pretty watering whole and our feathered friends, okay?

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