Warm Windy Dry Autumn

This summer was hot, which was great for the tourist beach people, then came the autumn season with warm windy sunny days without rain. Again nice for everyone but the people who need Fall Grass.  The pastures are brown.  The little ponds are low on water.  The talk in the country is about a rough winter.

The suppliers of alfalfa, straw, and grain are also hurting.  There will not be much to purchase, so feed prices will be going up.

We normally look greener than our neighbors, with lush fall grass.  This year with no water from the sky, we still look better than our neighbors but not good heading into winter.  We are already supplementing feed to our chickens, rabbits, and pigs and have just begun giving more to the lecheras.

supplemental feed cows 1

supplemental feed cows

They all came running to the fence to see what we had brought them.  Now they stand at the fence in the evening mooing to get dinner. The weather forecast is for lots of rainy days any time now. We keep waiting. If the rain doesn’t come while the days are still warm it will be too cold for the grass to grow. It could indeed be a very rough winter.

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