Well, I lied,  we did add another animal to our farm.  We purchased a three year old mare for Oscar to ride.  It was sad and inefficient  to watch Alejandro ride his horse to round up and move sheep and cattle and Oscar walking along behind or running along beside. Easier for one to open and close gates but the rest of the work, not so much.  Now we have two horses for two riders and things should happen a little more efficiently.  Remember that Alejandro’s horse is named “Horse”, so Oscar’s horse is named “Mare” according to the guys, so we can differentiate between the two. I think we need a new name.

Mare 1

Mare 2

Mare 3

Mare 4

Mare 5

The new mare is the same breed as Alejandro’s horse, Criolla, which is the local breed. Same coloration as well. Except for size you could think you were seeing double. We let the two horses get to know one another for about a week, then Alejando loaned Oscar his tack and they took their first ride.  Both Oscar and Mare did fine.  Now we are looking to purchase used tack for Oscar, but despite having to ride bareback both boys have been out working the large animals with both horses.

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