Tomato update

Our tomato plants have almost reached their expiration date.  We did not manage to finish any green houses so the wind break wall we were counting on was never built.  The cages around the plants worked great, so we were able to harvest a lot more tomatoes than if we had left them to vine on the ground.  However, when a hot wind blows for weeks everything dries out. No matter how much you water. Particularly when you can only water so much by hand. Because, well, the garden is larger than 15 tomato plants.

So here are more tomato pictures than you might like.I’ll begin with a random day of harvest:

tomatoes 6

Jon liked the small yellow pear shaped tomatoes and ate them like grapes.  I preferred the stripped ones that almost had no inside seeds and we stuffed with tuna fish and ate for lunch one day.  The orange tomatoes were soft and were good sliced with olive oil drizzled on top.  The red oval tomatoes were delicious for dicing and cooking.  The black cherry tomatoes were not anything special to taste, just looked different.  Anyway, here are some tomatoes on the vine, mostly green since we had already picked the ripe ones.

tomatoes 1

tomatoes 2

tomatoes 0

tomatoes 3

tomatoes 4

tomatoes 5

Once we had the tomatoes growing and figured out which ones grew well and which ones we liked, Megan began the process of saving seeds for next year.

tomatoes 7 saving seeds

Evidently tomato seed saving is a little more interesting than saving radish seeds. Tomato seeds ferment to break down the gelatinous sack around the seed, then they are rinsed, then left to dry in a warm, non-sunny location. Megan is planning on planting more tomatoes for the greenhouse that isn’t yet build so that we’ll have tomatoes year round. She’s optimistic. Or stubborn. I’m not sure which.

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