On our farm, anything that has to do with the animals comes first and everything else takes second place. Or third depending on how the week is going.  Therefore the outside sink has been on the list of to-do’s practically since the orange bathroom was built.  But since there are two spigots – one with a hose attached –  we have made do.  Finally the sink reached the top of the list, we started the process, and we learned that our drain pipe went no where. Exactly how the person who installed the drain pipe failed to connect it is a mystery. And we’re trying not to be bitter about it. But for heavens sake, it’s a water pipe. How do you not connect it?!


So Jon spent an afternoon discovering the possible solutions and correcting the issue.

outside sink

Then we built supports and set a sheep trough atop, for our sink.  We wanted something large to wash everything imaginable in.  Now, we have the next step of adding the drain pipes and faucet.  Poco a poco.

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