Water Tower Fix Phase One

We have a well. Megan talked about both it and the first building of the water tower  way back when. It provides delicious unlimited water (when the electricity is working)  to the houses and out buildings, pasture trees, green houses and garden beds via a rather complicated set of interconnected pipes, tanks, and gravity.  We also have two spring fed “ponds” on our property.  We are fortunate to have water for our needs. We certainly noticed during this last year’s drought!

The system is set up such that we pump the water from the well to the highest holding tank and then gravity keeps the lower tower tank full – the next pump (an irrigation pump vs. a well pump), pumps it out and up to next set of holding tanks. The original design of the water tower was for the upper tank to be very high up so that gravity would do the work for us. It wasn’t really necessary as one tank is directly below the other so gravity was a given. But it worked and was going to be work to change. About a year ago, the top tank started to leak; last month, the leak was more like a constant rain.  Jon has been dreading having to fix the leak and yet at the same time, he wanted to change the height of the tower. Because in any sort of wind worth talking about that tower dances. It’s a little scary. So Jon has been pondering how to do this.  Finally, he had an AHA! moment and charged ahead.

We were only without water for about 20 minutes while the “change over” happened.  Phase One of the new tank and no more water leak is complete!

water tower 1

water tower 2

water tower 3

water tower 4

water tower 5

So now the top water tank is disconnected, empty, and waiting to be taken down.  The second tank (the new tank) has been installed, connected, and filled. Next up is to disassemble the top roof  and walls, shorten the support polls and re-add the roof.  All at a later date, when other items are not higher on the to do list.   BUT YEA! no more rain on my laundry line.



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