Inching into a CSA

So summer has arrived full force here on the farm. It’s well over 90 F today, scorchingly bright sunshine, high humidity, and little to no breeze. So it gives me moment to catch my breath while sitting under a fan.

Last week I delivered the first four boxes in La Piccolina’s CSA. Last year I tried to get one up and going – and I failed to be able to produce enough produce. The drought, lack of irrigation, and not being quite prepared enough just didn’t quite let me get there. Customers in nearby Garzon were wonderful last year. And excited to try the adventure with me again this year! I have wonderful, enthusiastic customers. Heidi, who very graciously agreed to be the central drop-off location, also happens to be a fabulous photographer (you can find her at:,, and When I dropped the boxes by she promptly set up an impromptu still life. Her resulting photograph is so gorgeous I asked to be able to share:

Copyright Heidi Lender 2015

Copyright Heidi Lender 2015

I’m going to get a print to put up on the farm office walls. No, I haven’t actually painted those wall yet and no, there is no floor. But that’s not the point. Look at the gorgeous photograph of La Piccolina’s CSA vegetables!


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