Keeping Busy

Besides working with the large animals, our guys help out with minor, farm related construction projects. Alejandro and Oscar have added posts to both sides of the rabbitry for our expansion. They did such a nice job with posts for the chicken coop, green houses, and geese house that we figured they were now experts. In anticipation for the expanding rabbitry, they are also helping with rabbit cage construction:

building cages

We use 5cm x 7cm soldered, galvanized mesh, cut into a large rectangle then  bent into cage measurements.  Securely attached sides make the cage fairly inflexible. The bottoms are reinforced 1cm square galvanized wire mesh with rebar bars added for support.  It works for us.  We have to get the J clips from the states, so Jason brings them with him and we are good for the year. This is a quiet chore that can be done in the cool of the galpon during the hot afternoons or rainy days.

We are expanding the rabbitry because we have clients who want a regular supply of rabbit meat for their table.  Are you aware that rabbit has zero cholesterol? And is more tender than chicken? It also is a cleaner, quieter meat to grow, if need be we could easily grow all food necessary, and  provides pelts and fabulous (and I do mean FABULOUS) cold fertilizer for the garden. There is the small, disquieting fact that they are cute when young. But by the time they are of slaughter weight they’ve lost some of their charm. And they are tasty.

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