Another Garden Plot

We eventually hope to have eight garden plots planted with both people food and supplemental animal food.  Slowly we are managing to get the plots roto-tilled and rows made and seeds planted.  We have one plot from last year that is again in production this year.  Now we have another plot planted and producing!

garden bed 2 prep

Garden Bed 1

squash a

This plot is eventually (i.e. this coming July) intended to be permanently planted with raspberries. So row spacing, row depth, and walkways were made for that eventuality. As raspberry canes are planted bare root in winter, right now this is the perfect bed for all those heat loving, vining plants. We have acorn squash, tours (a French field pumpkin), three kinds of watermelon, honey dew, musk melon, a few more types of melons, and three more kinds of squash.  Since this is the first year Megan will have planted any of these varietals these plants are sort of the ‘trial garden’ so to speak. She’ll make sure that at least one fruit from each have pure seed. And then, depending on success of the plant, yields, taste, etc. we may or may not ever plant these again. But right now they’re all just green.

We are currently working on the next plot, who knows, we may get TWO plots in production this year!

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