The last animal?

We have added the last of our menagerie!  We now have 15 guinea hens.  They came with quail.  They are in cages in the chicken house imprinting to their new land location.  A few tweaks need to be made to the chicken house to permanently accommodate  our new feathered friends, but we now have the guinea hens to eat the ants in the olive grove and the bugs in the garden.

guinea hens

We have two kinds of quail, that arrived in pairs.  We are getting eggs from the quail.  Since we have yet to figure out what to do with the quail eggs, we are gifting them.  The response is always, “But quail eggs are expensive!” and we say that for now, they are a gift.

quail 2

quail 1

These are the cages the birds came with, eventually we will learn more and fix this situation.  Hopefully the guinea hens with help with the ant population when we get enough of the hens.


2 thoughts on “The last animal?

    • campobellaterra says:

      We’ll be celebrating big time if they do eat the ants, so we’ll be sure to share. These particular guineas will be staying in the front garden as the core breeding group. Unfortunately that means that it will likely be one more year until we have guineas in the olives.


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