Finally, we are farmers

We have spent the last three years being asked when we were going to buy a tractor. After all, how could we be farmers without a tractor?  We finally gave in and we are now the new owners of a bright orange Kubota!  It was too large for a friend, he wanted a riding lawn mower;, we needed a small tractor that would fit between the rows of trees but be large enough to pull things. So, we purchased his tractor, he purchased a riding lawnmower.

Here is Rubin testing out the tractor with it’s mowing attachment:

Tractor and Rubin

Rubin has lots of tractor experience. He can practically make the thing dance. Even with the mower attachment on. So, as the one with the expertise, he is the current on-farm instructor. First, Rubin explained how the tractor works to Jason:

Rubin giving Jason tractor intro

Jason and the tractor

Jason and tractor 1

Jason and Amy tractor lessons

Jason then gave Amy tractor lessons.

Amy driving the tractor

Amy got a chance to drive on her own.

Amy and Jason may not have milked cows or ridden horses but they did get to drive a tractor!

None of the rest of us have driven it yet. It’s just so convenient to have Ruben drive it for us right now.

This Kubota (which we bought second-hand from someone who bought it refurbished) is small enough to be just what we are looking for – but we will still be hiring out the big jobs as needed.

And yes, Rubin is new to the farm. As wonderful as it is to have him working here on the farm, he’s less exciting than the tractor. We’ll share more about him soon.


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