Periodic interruptions to our normal service


So you may have noticed that blog posts tend to be regular for a little while – even a long while – (minus that month every spring where we appear to fall off a cliff) and then there’s radio silence for a short time, and then we’re back again. We’ve reached the point here on the farm where there’s too much for us to do ourselves – so we work really long hours. And although we have help in the form of Alejandro and Oscar, we don’t quite have enough man hours to get all the required tasks done on a regular basis. We’re working on adding another person to work in the garden/small animals/maybe (if I’m lucky) wool. We have started to have income streams but they aren’t firmly established yet – which makes the whole adding more people really risky – but without more help we’re not likely to be able to. So sometimes things fall off the to-do list. Sometimes that’s the blog. So we are still here. We’re still taking pictures and still have stories and updates to share. But if the blog goes quiet for a week it’s because we got a bit overwhelmed. Our Etsy shop (LaPiccolinaFarm) is even more neglected, although, with luck, the start of the new year will see consistent improvement on that.

So if you stop by and we haven’t posted anything new – or your inbox hasn’t received a post in a while – be patient with us. We’ll update just as soon as we can stop, breath, process pictures, and get the internet connection to work.


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