It has been a much slower and more expensive project than anticipated, but for the most part the “POND” is finished.  Yes, there are a few things we would still like to have done to make it look pretty, but it is functional.  We now have between 4 and 5 million liters where as before it was only about 400,000 liters.  We have enough to water our olives in a drought and our pasture.  But how to get it to the front pasture (up hill) is another matter.

To see the beginning of the story go to playing in the mud and then  tajamar update.

Here is an almost finished pond:

tajamar 3

tajamar 2


It looks MUCH better filled with water. The finished tajamar after a rain:

tajamar 4

It looks really nice and inviting. Resi even tried to play in the water – and discovered it’s deep and the edge drops off quickly. So it’s pretty to look, very functional, and not much for recreation.

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