It is that time of year to begin growing tomatoes. Okay, realistically it’s almost past time. But since we’ve had unexpected cold fronts past our ‘last frost date’ we aren’t as late as we should be.  Last year we didn’t plant tomatoes – the first year we were late – by several months – and the green house was way to hot, and we did not get tomatoes.  This year we were not sure if the seeds were viable, so of course, Megan planted more than necessary hoping a few would germinate.  Well, Megan has a green thumb and we got a lot more sprouts than expected.  We started them in the two inch block, moved them to a four inch block,


and then they actually made it into the ground. A couple of the varietals didn’t germinate – but more did than not. What finally made it into the garden are: Principe Borghese (a Roma type), Inigo Rose, Tang, Moskovich, Black Cherry, Yellow Pear Cherry, Schimming Hollow, Bloody Butcher, Mountain Princess, and Yellow Pear. Technically the last two aren’t in the ground yet. Because we need a few more tomato cages. Yep, we got smart this year.

Megan had the guys build her tomato cages.  They had never heard of such a thing.  They could not imagine how it worked or why tomatoes might need a cage.  But once it all was in the ground, they were amazed and thought it was an interesting idea.

tomatoes 2

tomatoes 1

Now, all we have to do is keep the patch weeded and watered.  We had enough tomato plants that we shared several with two of our neighbors.  Hopefully once they begin producing, we will have friends with which to share the fruit.

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