Next Step

We are moving forward (slowly) with construction on Megan’s house. So what’s up next?

insulation 1

Insulation, yucky to install, but oh so yucky to live without.

Most homes in Uruguay are brick (terra cotta brick, or hollow terra cotta brick), cement, stone, or sometimes, the fancy Styrofoam panel building stuff (which we know nothing about). Some are made using steel-frame, like we have done, but not a huge number. Why is this relevant? Because buildings made of stone, cement, or brick aren’t designed to have insulation in their walls here. Which means FINDING wall insulation is a lot of work. We had to order two different sizes of insulation to be able to appropriately fill the walls. So we’ll be handing twice as much insulations as we would normally need to. Itchy. Really itchy.


After the pink stuff? Sheetrock.  I know that just putting up sheetrock does not make a house ready to move into, but mentally it makes the possibility of getting finished so much closer. In theory, this is all the sheetrock we should need for the walls. We’ll see if we actually make it or if we run short.

And then? Mud and taping. But that’s a fair bit off. Don’t worry, I’ll share when we get there.

S l o w l y making progress

We have been busy building animal houses and green house and have had Megan’s house on hold.  Finally we are getting some work done.  The windows are in and now the ceiling has sheetrock and the doors are installed so moisture will not get in.  The outside is slowly getting the cement coating spread over the cement board.  We are inching our way along.

ceiling 1



We are definitely under construction.


We have had electricity at the house for almost a year now.  It has been very nice, we can’t even complain when a storm moves through and the electrical flickers or is off for a few hours.  At least we know it will be back.

Then we got electricity at the casita and in Galpon 1, which we treat as a workshop. But now, we have electrical available all over the farm! Here is Jon diligently working away to make it happen.


electrical 3

electrical 5

electrical 4

We now have light and an electrical outlet in both the rabbit house and the chicken house, we have outlets in Galpon 2 where Megan hopes to do her wool processing and an outlet in her house, so we can use power tools.  YEA! Progress!