Mulch and more Mulch

Our first summer of drought we had issues trying to get enough water to the vegetable plots.  Our second summer of drought, we installed drip lines to water the rows.  And then couldn’t keep the soil moist enough under the burning sun. This year, while there has been no drought, we have learned how to keep our soil moist. Mulch. Lots and lots of Mulch.

The hot dry wind that arrives every evening dries out the top inch of soil building a hard crust, while a few inches down, the soil is moist.  So, MULCH is our friend!  We have placed it in all the plots and around the base of all our trees.  It is working very nicely.  The walkways squish as you walk between the rows harvesting.  The ground is moist – success!




Mulch is our friend.

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