Growing our own produce is a nice luxury, even if it is time expensive.  We enjoy being able to grow and eat various fruit and vegetables that we cannot find in the markets.  We also enjoy being able to extend the availability of some vegetables.  If it is not “in season” it is not available to purchase.  Also, produce trucks are not refrigerated nor are the vegetable bins in the market, so shelf life once we bring it home is short.  Eat it soon or it becomes chicken food.

So, now you can understand our delight in having fresh strawberries!  We have managed to put netting over the plants so that we do not share too many of our delicious strawberries with the birds.


We have now enjoyed several bowls of strawberries.


As this season winds down, we will need to separate the strawberry plants and we will get even more fruit next year.  YUM!


One thought on “Strawberries

  1. Hildegard Carrizo says:

    Hello dear people at Piccolina, I am so pleased to receive your communications again and to be able to follow the progress of your farm and never cease to be amazed of all the many things you accomplish and produce. The strawberries look delicious ! ! You sure have come a lomg way …. Thanks for taking the time to share,! Gratefully, Hildegard. (Harold Carrizo’s Mom)


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