Unintended absence

We are still here, the farm is still standing, and one day, I promise, the blog won’t have these unexpected periods of nothing.

For some reason long about August or September we appear to take a month off from blogging. At least that’s what WordPress’s site statistics tell us. It’s happened three years in a row so there must be something about that time. Typically it’s been a month. If you are reading this then you are one of the few and dedicated to stick around through 6 months of no updates. I humbly apologize for the lack of posts.

What happened is, in a moment of less than brilliant thinking, I got to planning an actual website for the farm. Not just a blog, but a website. And, surprisingly enough, it was coming right along, slow but steady. Then came the time to figure out what to do about the new, separate website and the existing blog. And that’s where everything fell apart. Forward motion required a solution, I didn’t have one, and so everything froze in place.

Fast forward six months. I made some less-than ideal choices (because evidently my idea of what should be possible on a hosted website is not quite the same as what is possible – basically my desired outcome required extreme amounts of coding knowledge of which I have exactly zero) and we are back up and running.

So stay tuned – more posts are coming. More importantly, more pictures are coming. In the meantime take a peak at the website. It is most definitely a work in progress.

2 thoughts on “Unintended absence

  1. Chantel Baggio says:

    Hi! We are interested in contacting you via email. We are living in Uruguay for a year (maybe longer) and are wanting to buy some organic foods. Do you have an email address?


    • campobellaterra says:

      Hi! You can find our email address on the welcome page of our website – it’s lapiccolina.uy@gmail.com Thank you for your interest! I am sorry to say that at this time we aren’t really selling products to the general public. We hope to again in the future. I hope you enjoy your year (or more!) here in Uruguay!


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