Work for room and board guest

We met a young lady who had been working in a restaurant nearby.  The restaurant was buying some specialty vegetables from us.  Evidently this gal had worked for a farm in the states who took vegetables to Sunday market.  She came to us at the end of her restaurant contract and offered to work for room and board for a few weeks.  We can always use another pair of hands and took her up on her offer.

Her are a few of the tasks she worked:


Tying up tomato vines and picking the ripe tomatoes for the house and the over ripe tomatoes for the chickens.


Weeding and mulching the asparagus.


Making labels and wool sample cards for processed wool bags.


She helped with the evening feeding of the chickens and collecting eggs.


Cleaned rabbit cages, and


fell in love with a few rabbits.

It was nice having an extra pair of hands for awhile and now she is off on her next adventure.  We wish her the best.

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