It’s finally raining

We’ve finally had a break in the drought – not just a few mm, but real rain. It started about a week ago. And now it won’t stop. We’re up to at least 200mm (or 8 inches), if not more, in less than a week. Which means everything is wet. Very, very wet.


We have a large lake out front (there is some bit of green (and a lot of land) under all that water), running water in the olives (down the new trenches we had put in on the sides of all rows), huge amounts of water rushing over the back tajamar walls; three inches of mud, a small pond, and boggy mulch in the chicken coop. Ruben has now realized why we dig our garden rows the way we do – so the water doesn’t wash the beds away.

The rain has now switched us from one extreme to the other – from overly warm, incredibly dry, and working very, very hard to feed everyone to overly wet, rather cold, and working very, very hard to feed everyone.

As usually happens at this time of year I’m a bit behind on the blog. However, for all those of you who think that something fascinating happened during radio silence, let me inform you that not much has happened. My parents made their annual trip to North America and I worked on keeping the farm running. I’ll shortly update y’all on what little has happened. As soon as the water subsides.

One thought on “It’s finally raining

  1. everydayuruguay says:

    I’m feeling your pain on trying to feed everyone whether it is wet or dry. On top of it all, we are starting to lamb. Rob made a few cubicles so we can get mother and babies out of the rain, but that means shoveling shit too. :} Aw, the farm life! I hope you are managing on your own without the padres, and maybe enjoying a little time sola. Hope to talk to you or see you soon,


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