Supplemental Feed

We have shared how the entire area is low on pasture due to the lack of rain.  So we, as others in our area, have decided to purchase supplemental feed to get the animals through the winter,  We purchased both bales of dried pasture (mixed ryegrass, alfalfa, lotus, fescue, st.augustine, etc.) and grain rations.  Predications are that both will become scarce and expensive as winter does her thing.  But, I do have to say that my eyes grew large as this truck appeared in our driveway wanting to know where to unload.

supplemental feed 1

The truck with the grain ration bags also pulled in behind the hay truck.

supplemental feed 2

So after unloading many heavy bags of rations into the galpon, the guys helped unload hay bales weighing about 400 pounds each.

supplemental feed 3

supplemental feed 4

Next came organizing the bales in the yard.

supplemental feed 7

supplemental feed 5

42 bales lined up in two rows, hopefully will last us long enough.  After all we are a small farm.


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