Greenhouse Update

As we mentioned earlier, the green house construction has been an ongoing project for awhile.  It has now risen to the top of the to-do list.  With hot dry wind and no water, the solution to keeping some vegetables alive is to get them into a greenhouse.  We have three structures.  They have fiberglass panels on one long wall and the roof, and metal panels for the other long side and the ends.  All the guys have been working diligently to get these completed.

greenhouse 2

greenhouse 3

greenhouse 5

greenhouse 6

greenhouse 7

greenhouse 10

greenhouse 9

The pictures are all of green house number three being completed, the second greenhouse is completed, the first (they are numbered by location, not completion), has half a roof – nearly there!

garden greenhouse

Megan is planting them again.  Green house number one will be the workshop for the garden so she has a place to stage her seedlings and store her tools.  The outside garden plots will grow winter hardy plants and feed for the animals.

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