We purchased some pigs in December.  They went into the back pasture where there is a natural spring, so that no matter how dry it got, they would have access to water to cool off.

pigs 1

pigs 2

On routine feedings one of our females looked to be growing much larger than the others and Jon told our workers that she must be pregnant.  Oh, no, Jon was mistaken; he didn’t know anything about pigs.  The day she delivered, Jon practically yelled, “I told you she was pregnant!”

Our mama has 12 little piglets.  Alejandro did a fast math calculation of number of babies and the price of 5 week old piglets and came to the conclusion that we just paid for the purchase price of our pigs, any more babies would be profit.

pigs 4 with babies

pigs 3 with babies

pigs 5  with babies

This surprise birth was truly a surprise.  We are still waiting for a male for our herd.  Our animal broker had found us a large black male, but before he could close the deal and deliver, he had a motorcycle accident.  He was in the hospital for a few weeks and lost the opportunity. So despite missing half of the breeding equation, we have piglets.

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