Rain Gutters

We are working towards an herb  garden by the front patio, but the rain from the roof floods that area.  Easy solution, right? Just put up some rain gutters. After much searching we finally located and purchased all parts. Last May. All we had to do was install them. Simple, right? On Jason’s last visit, he attempted to install the gutters and discovered that the mounting brackets we had would not work.  So Jason designed some that would do the job, and left us with a template to make the mounts.  Needless to say, we were busy doing other things and it didn’t happen.  This time, Jason made sure it happened.  The boys cut the tin, Jason sanded and painted the pieces, and then everyone helped him install the gutters.

rain gutter mounts

rain gutter mounts 2

rain gutter 1

gutter instalation

As of this writing, it has not rained since the gutters have been installed.  But the forecast is for ten days straight rain in the coming week and I know we will be thankful to have the rain gutters installed on at least one side of one building. If after testing (i.e. rain) the gutters prove to be successful then the next (slow) project will be to actually plant the finished herb beds in front of the house. And maybe finish the rest of the beds. Maybe.

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