Latest Additions

We have once again added “a little of this” and will most likely turn into “a lot of that”.  When I made comment that this was the last addition to our menagerie, I was reminded that we still have not acquired our guinea fowl (but not for lack of trying).

So let’s begin our picture show with the delivery vehicle getting stuck, with the animals inside.  We have a collection of stuck vehicle pictures.  And no, the truck driver did not run over the sheep water trough, but almost.

stuck truck

After putting out the word that we were looking to purchase some pigs, and much discussion about the breed of pig we were willing to purchase, we got a call from an animal broker.  He had three Large Blacks and an Iberian.  So four pigs have joined La Piccolina.  The Large Blacks produce good bacon and the Iberian produces great ham, or so we have read.  An important ting for us is that they do not get sunburned.

Iberian plus Large Blacks

Large Black 1

In the back corral.

Large Black 2

How can you not fall in love with the floppy ears and round snout?

Large Black 3


Can you find the Iberian in the mud?

Iberian 1

Iberian 2

Now we are looking for an older male so we can have/eat/sell piglets.


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