UTE Power Lines

UTE = is our electrical company.  UTE is national.  UTE has bright orange trucks and the workmen wear orange overalls, or orange shirts or orange vests.  They cannot be mistaken for anyone else.

UTE showed up a last September at the farm to discuss installation of some medium tension power lines that would be going up in the region. One of the selling points the lawyer used to try to get us to sign the permission slip to let them install on the property was there would be less “black outs” in our electrical connection. Our reply was, “What electricity?” We were still waiting to have our electricity installed. So we asked if we could connect to those poles. Oh No! They were not that kind of line, they were medium tension power lines. Fine, we signed, and asked that they be considerate of our olive grove.  About six months later, the UTE rep and the lawyer returned and had us sign another paper. This one said they did an evaluation and their electrical poles installed in our olive grove would not hinder our production or cause us any financial burden. Fine, we signed. Now, we have had electricity for a year, (YEA! an anniversary), and the electrical company is just now installing the poles for the medium tension wires. AND . . . the guys doing the install decided there was no reason to come on our property. In fact, it was easier for them to not put any poles in our grove. HURRAY!



Notice how close they are to the fence line, the poles can only be 100 meters apart. The next pole is just  on the other side of the property.  If you look carefully in the background, you can see the string of concrete poles.  Next comes the wire, whenever that will be.


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