Lamb update

Our sheep have (we think) finished lambing for 2014.  We have about fifty lambs in all for a total of about 160 sheep. We went into lambing season with 88 possibly bred ewes. The ‘possible’ part is due to having purchased 29 new-to-us ewes this past winter. We could have confirmed with a sonogram; we chose not to but it did leave open the question of how many lambs to expect.

The lambs are so cute to watch them jump and play with each other and then loose there mama and start calling for her and go running off to check in. With the lush spring grasses coming in strong the sheep are nearly rolling in food. And they act like.

lambs 1

lambs 2

We currently have the sheep in small groups in various parts of the farm to try and keep the spring grass flush under control. There is one group eating grass in the Arbequina, one group in the Picual, another group in large enclosed pasture in between the two olive groves, a group in the main front pasture following the Lecheras, a group in Megan’s garden (trying to keep the grass under control until Jon can till the soil), and a group keeping the front Pecan grove clipped short. Spring tasks are nearly done – we have put in ear tags, docked tails and castrated, done the first of two rounds of vaccinations – next to come is the shearing. If the weather and the shearer can cooperate we’ll be in excellent shape for the summer.


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