Bunnies and more bunnies

We have filled our bunny barn!  Megan made 42 rabbit hutches and the guys made four nest boxes, and all are in use.  We have about 100 rabbits currently.

Rabbits of all ages:

bunnies 2

3 days old

bunnies 1

2 weeks old

bunnies 5

4 weeks old (please note the efforts to limit their wander-lust)

bunnies 3

6 weeks old

bunnies 4

Full size doe stretched out in her cage.

As you can see, we have various ages and sizes of rabbits.  There are three breeding bucks, two young bucks being raised out to breeding age, ten breeding does, and the kits all growing up to freezer camp weight. Megan keeps a tight breeding schedule and we have babies about every two weeks.  We have freezer camp inductees very week.  We even have a few regular paying  customers requesting fresh rabbit meat. YEA!  (We are also happy to report that our worms are doing their job too and we have no smell in our bunny barn.)


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