The wind & the wire

When we installed new fencing within the exterior boundary fencing we installed it a little differently than the standard fence of wood separators and wood posts. We used electric fence isolators (the black plastic pieces seen on the post) so that we could ‘tack’ wire to support posts and electrify sections of the fence. This means that the wire doesn’t pass through any wooden pieces anywhere along the fence line – it’s merely held in place by plastic channels on the primary posts and strung taunt. This has had the curious side effect of creating fence wires that vibrant with an audible pitch when it’s windy. Different stretches of fencing resonate at different pitches and the volume changes depending on the strength of the wind. It’s fascinating, if a little eerie, to walk the plantation in the wind now.


Sorry the video’s sideways – not quite sure how to change that, so just tile your head if it’s bothersome 🙂

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