How our garden grows in pictures

Do you know your vegetables? Can you figure out what all we have growing, blooming, and seeding? Here is what we have in our outside garden plots:

garden 1

garden 2

garden 3

garden 4

garden 5

garden 6

garden 6a

garden 7

garden 8

We have eight outside garden plots.  One has been seeded for animal feed/grass.  The rest are vegetables (except for the strawberries).  Megan starts the veggies as seeds from two to four week intervals, so we will have rotating seasonal crops and not just a one time harvest.  She also keeps track of companion plantings and which plants follow another for soil nutrient replenishment.  Yes, this is a lot of hours in the planning and doing.  She has only one helper, Ruben.  He comes from a family of vegetable gardeners and comes to work with a smile, ready and willing to do what ever is asked.

3 thoughts on “How our garden grows in pictures

  1. queenofkindergarten says:

    Are you growing cauliflower? Apparently there was a freeze somewhere in the world and Trader Joe’s isn’t stocking it right now and it’s very expensive everywhere else! Of course, that would be one of my faves!

    Garden looks great – but a lot of work. At least you get to enjoy the end result! Enjoy the sun and warmth, you are only missing LOTS of rain here in the NW.

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    • campobellaterra says:

      no, no cauliflower. It is a winter vegetable. Yes, we are enjoying having fresh vegetables. Sometimes we have more of one item than I would like to eat day after day, but the chickens and pigs like the surplus.


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