Garden Happenings 3

The garden plots in the quinta are doing their own thing.  We had planted a crop of wheat and a crop of rye grass thinking to cut and feed the animals over winter, but it didn’t decide to grow until now.  So we have been cutting it to feed the rabbits.


garden plots 1

We cleaned part of a plot to get ready for the next.

garden plots 3

Roto tilled and then made planting rows in another plot.

garden plots 4

Continued to let the forage beets grow in this plot.  But currently we are picking them and feeding the pigs.

garden plots 7

The peas are growing nicely.  We are getting fresh peas for supper, enough for two.  Which is plenty because I don’t like peas. The canned peas available in the grocery store are rehydrated peas. So fresh peas are a treat for Jon and Megan.

garden plots 6

It is nice to grow our own vegetables and eat some things that we cannot get in the produce section.  We are still getting tomatoes and bell peppers from the green house. We only have a few spaghetti squash left from our stash and the garden plot for squash and melons is almost ready.

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