Garden happenings 1

It is interesting to note how our daily, weekly, monthly plans change according to the weather.  We have lived in places that as long as we dressed for the weather and the activity, the weather did not stop us from doing things,  Well, as the weather changes, so do our activities. We had a warm dry winter and are now having a wet windy and sometimes cold spring.  Our plants are trying to thrive but the weeds seem to be succeeding better than our seedlings.

One of our green houses is our workshop.  We are trying to start seeds there and then plant them where they might survive the best.  Megan makes compost, then soil blocks, then plants the seeds, waters and waits. and waits and waters. and opens and closes green house doors to regulate the greenhouse temperature and ventilation.

greenhouse 4

greenhouse 2

greenhouse 1

greenhouse 3

The netting is to prevent the wrens from eating the tender shoots,  They are small birds and get through the smallest cracks and create huge damage.  When there is no pasture growing, the only green is in the green house.

greenhouse 6

With spring comes a new chance for new crops.

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