Carob trees

Remember way back when Megan planted Carob Trees from seed into a two inch soil pot, then moved them to a small plastic planting bag and then finally into the soil at the fence line?  See carob trees from July 2014. The trees are slow growing, but even with our neglect, they are still alive!

carob tree

Look closely, there really is a tree in front of the post.

On average, our Carob are about 7 inches tall. 11 were planted in the garden, 10 are still alive. They are now two years old. Megan and Jon researched wind break trees VERY carefully and Carob were one of the few that were highly wind resistant, grew well in all types of soil, weren’t concerned about excess rain OR drought, and produced animal food. The only drawback was that they were slow growing and did not transplant well so needed to be started from seed for best succes. No one thought that they would be THIS slow to grow. So the back-up plan is to interplant a few of the more fast-growing windbreak options that will be cut down whenever the carob eventually get large enough to be a wind-break. Which could be a while.

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