Several people have asked about the dogs.  Resi and Virkha are getting along well.  Virkha is the playmate that Resi needed.  Resi has taught Virkha to chase the cats, but she can’t seem to get Virkha to enjoy chicken T.V.  They both will run around the pasture playing tag and latch onto sticks for toys.  In the house, they both have their favorite spot to rest. They both like to shred T.P. tubes and empty water bottles. We do have to keep an eye on Virkha because when she gets real excited she will grab an acorn squash to chew.

dogs playing

They are entertaining to watch and a joy to have. They’ll be even more of a joy when Virkha outgrows the teen years, Resi stops trying to chew on Virkha’s ears, and Virkha stops trying to steal Resi’s bed, and Virkha’s play bark drops a few notes into a non-ear piercing decible. They’re a joy to have. Really.


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