Busy. Again.

Once again we are behind (possibly very behind) in posting. Which means either we are doing boring everyday things or are busy trying to accomplish something.  So we are (once again) going to play catch up. But, in holding with the general spirit of the blog, please don’t expect the topics in chronologic order.

The most exciting thing first. Jason and Amy visited for ten days!  They spent a few days checking out the beach, but it was a little too windy for them. They then came to the farm for a working vacation.  Jason said he prepared Amy for this adventure and even bought her Carhartt Overalls for Christmas. Jason and Amy did lots of time consuming, fiddly maintenance things that we just haven’t had time to do. (And, in the case of Amy, looked stylish while doing it.)

Jason and Amy

Amy and Jason thinking about how to begin

The front door needed to be shortened since it scraped the tile and the sweep needed to be changed out., which they did.

Amy and Jason working on the door

Jason repaired the lock and Amy is sealed/stained the door.

Amy staining door frame

Amy with chisel

Then, Jason fixed the bedroom door. It didn’t latch correctly, so he asked Amy to chisel the frame, so he could reinstall the latch.  In the meantime, the electricity went out, so in order to continue her job, Jason gave her a headlight to use.  Keep on working! and she did, and with a smile and good humor! In the end Jason and Amy fixed all the doors – trimmed them, tweaked latched, re-hung, everything. We keep opening and closing the doors just to enjoy how nicely they work. We’re easy to please!

The reward for all the wonderful help? Farm fresh food. Amy even got to enjoy a homegrown lamb dinner.

Amy eating lamb

It was wonderful to have them here on the farm with us!

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