Garden update

Despite the scarcity of rain my garden is growing decently. The produce is slowly increasing, but not much, and not a huge amount of variety. But little by little. And with lots of irrigation – which, I have to grump about, means spending five hours watering with a hose. A sprinkler system is getting pretty high on my list. But that is neither here nor there. So, progress in pictures:


garden progress 3  garden progress 2

garden progress 4  garden progress 9

garden progress 1  garden progress 8

We managed to get bed #4 (they are numbered by layout, not when plowed) prepared and planted:

garden progress 6

This bed will be planted with raspberries come winter. Until then we planted melons and squash. Seedlings are just starting to poke up.

A third bed is just starting to be tilled.

garden progress 5

We are inching along. With luck we’ll get all the intended beds prepared before winter rains stop any hope we have of preparing ground.

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