Growing the garden

Some things at La Piccolina have become routine and we don’t think to share the everyday sameness, nor the routine seasonal activities.  But we are once again fighting the wind, rain, and heat to get this season’s garden planted.  We have yet to get the green house structure rebuilt, but we did manage to attack the weeds and soil and make rows and plant.  So here is how our garden grows:

cucumbers 1

garden 1

garden 3

garden 2



fruit trees

To date we have planted: cucumbers, onions, mangles, swiss chard, green beans, soup beans, black beans, radishes. purslane, orach rose, carrots, thyme, basil, tomatoes, turnips, mustard, peppers, squash (spaghetti, futsu, queensland blue), zucchini, lemon squash, pole beans, corn, and cantaloupe. Now, this doesn’t mean they’ve all actually sprouted. But if it doesn’t get planted then there’s no chance of it growing.

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