Chicken Yard Update

Our flock is growing.  We made brooder boxes for the littlest chicks so when they come out of the incubator they have a place to get warm.  Then while at the feed store, we purchased 40 more chicks. So we needed two more brooder boxes.  These new chicks as opposed to our home grown chicks are “meat” chicks.  They have been breed to grow fast and put on weight fast.  Their life span is about eight weeks. The feed store lady was very emphatic about how to feed and when to slaughter, or else we were just wasting grain.

chickens 1

Here are our teenagers from the incubator. They have an adult rooster who watches over them in the flock.

chickens 2

This is what the chicken yard looks like with all the various ages roaming about.  Jon loves to stand and watch them all interact.

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