Bathing Geese

We had thought when we purchased some geese a year ago that we would be building a pond near the front triangle of the property.  The said pond would have an island and the island would be adequate protection from predators as a home for the water fowl.  In the meantime we made an enclosure to keep the birds safe from predators at night.  Well, the pond in the back by the olives has been an ever on-going project so the front pond is being rethunk.  It is a good thing we made our temporary enclosure out of posts sunk in cement and wire sex feet tall, temporary has turned into semi-permanent.  This is our home-made pond out of a large animal watering trough, and the geese and ducks love it.  Because it all still works and the birds come in every night to get the door closed, we did something right.

geese bath 1

Morning Bath Time

geese bath 2

geese bath 3

geese bath 4

Three clean geese out for their daily wander.


I just had to add this photo of Resi standing on the porch watching the geese.  (The geese honk and hiss at her so she leaves them alone.)  Then kitty noticed the geese and begins to stalk them, when the geese turn and honk at her, kitty takes off running the other way and Resi takes off running after the kitty.  The geese just go back to nibbling on the grass.

geese Resi and Kitty

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