Another garden season

While it takes time to care for all the animals on the farm,  we are also working at getting a garden going.  It is a slow process to till the ground and then figure out what seeds can be planted in what season and what type of soil.  Then, once planted, we have to keep things watered and weeded and finally harvested.  So it seems there is always something needing to be done in the garden beds.

next garden plot

The next garden bed has been (almost) tilled. This is bed number two (technically it’s bed #4 but it’s the second bed tilled) and it has had the first pass with the roto-tiller and now needs a second pass before we can make rows and plant.  Every time it rains we have to wait for the ground to dry out before we can do anything.  This has been an unusually wet year. With the delay in preparations which seeds should be planted is a moving target. Megan is now spending considerable time rearranging her options.

seeds 1

seeds 2

She has lots of seeds to sort for consideration of what to plant next. It’s a fairly hefty seed stash given that most are things she’s never planted before.

asparagus plot 2

asparagus plot 1

The asparagus has been replanted, out of it’s pots and into the ground!  Special garden plots just for them.  Heavy straw around each plant keeps the weeds away and a bamboo marker next to each plant so we know it is an actual plant we want so I won’t accidentally pull it out thinking it is a weed and shouldn’t be there.  (Something I have been known to do.) So now we are on year two for the asparagus. We have had a lot of people interested in this slow growing vegetable.  Hope we make it to harvest in year three.


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