Goose(s) on the loose

Our geese (or, as my parents like to remind me, my geese) had a rather traumatic start here on the farm – we started with 10, and after a fox attack, have only 3. (Yes, I am indeed ignoring the original 10 which were an absolute disaster). We moved them into a very well secured night enclosure and a larger plastic mesh fenced day enclosure. Everyone told us that as they were young we only needed to keep them contained for 30 days or so and they would ‘learn’ home. This was in January. I didn’t believe them. But I’ve been having a devil of a time keeping their day enclosure fence in place. So I decided it was as good as time as any to test if the geese do indeed know where home is. (Yes, it is August tomorrow. 7 months longer than the experts say it should take. Don’t laugh.)

Guess what? We have gooses on the loose.

goose loose 2

Those experts really do know what they’re talking about.

I let them out in the morning, and by golly, they really don’t wander far. As we just cut the pasture in the front pecan grove they are absolutely loving the short grass to eat. And it’s not all St. Augustine, which makes them even happier. And at night? They walk themselves in to bed.

goose loose 1

And yes, I am entirely aware that they are very few geese in these pictures compared to the number of Muscovy ducks. The ducks are equally as intelligent. But I don’t choose to let them wander as much as I have chosen not to trim their flight feathers. So they essentially come and go as they please. They do appreciate the newly created doorway. But still, independent little feathered urchins. But by night I have just as many ducks as I have in the morning. So far, so good.


2 thoughts on “Goose(s) on the loose

  1. Norma says:

    I use to have ducks come over to my yard from the lake. It was fun while it lasted. A coyote started coming around and even cross the street to get to lake where ducks hung out. Soon there was no more ducks or eggs. The little yellow duckling were cute.


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