Rabbit Care

The rabbits have a new home, and we all are pleased with how well it is working.  We feed the rabbits a combination of greens and pellets.  The food mangers on the outside of the cage hold the greens that are cut daily.  We fill about eight buckets of greens to feed all our rabbits.  We have a sickle and buckets and walk the huerta (inside yard) to cut and collect a variety of greens so the rabbits can get a salad bowl of vitamins.  (Resi follows us about and waits for us to finish cutting.)

rabbit greens

Megan attends to all the paperwork.  She keeps track of who is bred to who and when.  She records weights so we know who and when to send the rabbits to freezer camp.  She also keeps track of any medical treatment that happens.

rabbit care 2

Teri is treating a rabbit with ear mites.

rabbit care 1

This is not uncommon in rabbits, but it is not common for our rabbits.  Luckily, it is easy to eliminate.

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