Pruning Olive Trees

It is again that time of year to prune the olive trees.  Jon has spent every afternoon pruning trees, and he has just finished with the arbequina. That means he has finished 2/3rds of the planation.  Yes, he does each tree by hand himself.  He cuts off any lower limbs and then opens up the center of the tree for air and light to get in, (trims the branches to a tulip shape).


olive grove 1

It is actually looking like a grove of trees.  Here are some trees with actual tree trunks!

olive trr trunk 3

olive tree trunk 2

olive tree trunk 1

Soon they will no longer need stakes to stay upright. We can only hope.


More pruning

It is a good thing that Jon likes to prune trees, he finds it relaxing. Besides pruning olive trees we have fruit trees and pecan trees to be trimmed along with our wind break trees. These trees are still short and pencil thin, but they are alive.  So much for being told they were fast growing and would provide shade for the cows and sheep within a year.  We will be pleased if they do their job in five years.

wind break trees 1

This is one of the 300 original trees we planted along the huerta fence.


If you look closely, you can seem them in a row between the sheep and the cows.  The cows are outside the huerta and the sheep are inside the huerta.  Both sets of animals are doing their job happily eating the pasture.


Olive update

There is always something to be done with the olives it seems,  but we are almost caught up and on schedule.  Jon has now finished pruning all the olive trees.  He pruned for olive production this year which means the center was trimmed so the tree opens up like a tulip.  Last year the pruning was to cut off all the branches on the tree trunk that were lower than his hip in order to shape the “bush” into a “tree”.  So this pruning completion is a big deal.

Now we are working on getting the disk plowing done.  This means having the plow push dirt towards the trunk of the tree.  It helps stabilize the roots and keeps the olive tree roots dry. We have had to wait to do this step until we got the area around the tree trunks cleaned. So the guys began with collecting all and any of  the old stakes that had been left in the orchard, which turned out to be more than expected.  Buy, hey, they are all picked up now.

olive disking 3

Here is Dario working away.  This blue disk piece was a lot of trouble to find and has been rented from “a friend”.  It has also broken a disk several times and had to be repaired at the cost of the renter.

olive disking 2

The plantation is half finished, but the plow is broken again.  So once again we are waiting to finish a chore.

olive discing

After this is done, then we rent another part that will break up the dirt clods and move them closer to the tree roots.  Thankfully these two items only need to be done once. And then maybe, just maybe, we will be in ‘maintenance mode’ for the olives. Maybe.