Our two barn cats are doing well.  They have done their job and we are rodent free in the barns.  We even have less sparrows deciding to make nests in the rafters.  Both cats have learned to walk across the barn using the rafters in the ceiling to escape the dogs on the floor.

cats 2

Here is Kitty.  She likes people.  She likes to hunt and actually eats what she catches.  She runs to Jon for a hug and scratch whenever she hears his voice.  He scratches her with both hands, one on each side of her body and starts at her neck and goes to her tail.  Jon calls it a cat wash.

cats 1

This is Felix the Cat.  He distrusts people, and goes elsewhere when he hears voices or the dogs.  He hunts out in the pasture, not close in.  He comes to me when I call his name.  I can hold him and sit with him on my lap.  I am sure Felix would rather be a house cat than a barn cat.

cats 3 Tiberius 1

This is our newest addition.  He arrived as a stray, discovered by the dogs in one of the greenhouses.  He is very young.  We have named him Tiberius.  Since he moved into Galpon 2, the other cats have moved out and reside in Galpon 1.  So far, Tiberius is more curious about the dogs than afraid.  He does not wander out of the Galpon, yet. With luck Tiberius will be the LAST cat addition for a while.

Look what the cat brought home


At least it was dead!  At least “home” was the Galpon.  The weather has warmed up during the day and the snakes are out to play.  All winter we wear mud boots to our knees to keep dry and the rest of the year we wear tall leather boots to protect us from snakes.  We have various kinds of snakes, but in my mind the only kind I want to see is a dead snake.

Sleeping Cats

Our barn cats, Felix and Kitty, found their favorite sleeping nest atop bins of unprocessed wool.

barn cats

The cats enjoy being able to go in and out of a building on their own.  They explore the yard and have been known to catch a bird, frog and mice.  So far they have left the chickens, ducks, and geese alone.  Kitty plays chase with Resi.  Of course Resi is doing the chasing, but Kitty makes a point of baiting the dog.  We are enjoying the cats.

Barn cats. Really.

Remember the cute kittens we got? (if not, see here) We called them barn cats. But they’ve been living in the lap of luxury in the house. In fact, the little one’s favorite place to sleep was in the space under the wood stove.

We finally moved them out into our ‘barns’ – i.e. Galpon 2. Felix is about 6 mo. or so and finally old enough for the vet to castrate. They also both have their shots. So Alejandro made them little bed boxes (not that I expect that they’ll use them) and we moved them out of the house! Kitty’s the social one of the two so in two months when it’s her turn to visit the vet to be spayed she won’t be hard to catch. Felix? We may never get to pet him again.


To make sure that they could get away from Resi, we build them a stairway to their boxes. They use the stairs, but not the boxes.

Kitty didn’t take long to pop out of the box and start exploring. She’s fearless.



Felix has a much more reserved outlook on life and it took him quite some time before he’d leave his box.


They are both loving the galpon. All those boxes to explore. The birds to stalk. The mice to hunt (I’m hoping there’s less now). And no dog.