Our rabbits are ‘farm rabbits’ – mix breeds of unknown genetics. Most likely they are a combination of California and New Zealand. Regardless of the lack of pedigree, they are not only adorable, they are hardy , do well on a largely grass-based diet (we cut pasture for them twice daily), and grow out to a nice weight in good time. We raise rabbits for meat – a bonus is the lovely variety of coat colours for the hides we process on farm. We work to use all parts of the animals we raise for consumption.

rabbit blurbOur rabbitry is purpose built, providing full shade for a cool place in the summer and protection from the winter winds. It houses 88 cages, one row each along the outer walls and two rows down the centre aisle. We build the cages ourselves, ensuring  our rabbits have more than the usual amount of space, as well as built-on grass mangers. Cages are installed above worm bins, which contain the ammonia odour and facilitate in breaking down the rabbit excrement. When the bins are ready to be emptied the rabbit excrement is used as fertilizers for the garden.