Normandy Cattle

normandy blurbWe have a wonderful, small herd of Normandy cattle. Chosen for their dual-purpose capabilities of both excellent, rich milk and good tasting meat, our cattle have a calm, inquisitive nature, and are excellent mothers. While not common in Uruguay, they are a well-favoured breed, used in milk production for cheese making, for meat, and as terminal sires for cross-breeding steers. We started with four cows with calf and have been slowly expanding our herd with an eye towards cheese making.

We utilize rotational grazing techniques to maintain healthy pasture and maximize herd health. With only 18 hectares to graze we try and strike a healthy balance between herd size and pasture growth. Pasture improvement is a continual process and we are sure that in a couple of decades we will have the process well in hand. Maybe.

While we typically try not to name farm animals (we do eat meat), the personalities of our Normandy are such that slowly but surely we are naming them. To date we have names such as: Lady Di (our boss cow), Masie (short for Masochist as she always manages to hurt herself somehow), Brindle (because, well, she’s brindled), and Javelito (the son of the bull Javelo who we lost due to sudden illness). I’m sure others will acquire names when we least expect it.