Last summer was so dry it was all we could do to keep the few garden plots we had planted and the green houses watered.  The trees did not stand a chance.  So our fruit and nut trees are still alive for the most part, but they do not look like three year old trees.  The poor things are bearing fruit here and there but they are scraggly looking trees.  Our wind break trees are not looking any better and one set looks even worse because the cows saw something green and chomped away.

After much research and talking to many venders, Jon thinks he has the beginning of our irrigation issues solved.  So he and the guys have been working on getting the drip water lines installed.

irrigation 2

irrigation 3

irrigation 1

irrigation 5

irrigation 4

We have drip lines and water connections to all the fruit trees in the quinta.  Now we will focus on the pecans and almonds and wind break trees.  Only about 500 more trees to go before the hot weather comes. And then mulch. Lots and lots of mulch for the trees.


One thought on “Irrigation

  1. hildegardcarrizo . says:

    Hello you wonderful, busy people at “La Piccolina Farm”

    My name is Hildegard Carrizo and I am the mother of Harold and Sharon is my sweet daughter-in-law.

    I have been receiving and eagerly reading and so enjoying your blog ever since you started, sharing all your ups and downs, and am absolutely amazed of all you have accomplished. Having spent some of the war years in Germany living with farmers in the black forest it brings back many memories of the hard work involved (and also the satisfaction) in working with the land, mother nature, and then, of course the animals big and small.

    I wish you all the best in your endeavor, and always look forward with interest to hear about your progress. Thanks so very much for taking the time and effort to share !

    Sincerely, Hildegard


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