The calf update is a bit late in coming. We were so on time sharing the earlier arrivals and then we fell apart. Sorry about that. And the calves really are too cute not to have shared. With the end of the expected spring calving we have six Normandy calves, one Hereford X Normandy cross, and two Hereford calves. Our cross came from Lady Di who you might recall let the neighbor bull get frisky during his visit.

baby calves 1

Mamas and babies are doing fine.  El Blanco – the mostly white bull calf you can see in the above picture is the current ring-leader. He’s Masie’s calf. While time will tell we think we may grow him out as a replacement bull. We only had one difficult birth, and Jon, Megan and Alejandro had to pull the calf mid-birth.

birth 2birth 3

The first-time mother had to go into labor in fairly abysmal weather. The other calves were all huddled around this poor pair.  The delivery was doing fine until the calf got stuck – just too big. But after he was born, mama and baby took to each other and spent the night together in the corral.

With all the Normandy now back in one herd on the front pasture the best entertainment to be had is to stand and watch the calves get into trouble. Their antics are adorable!


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